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Redigering: Sanser og isbjerge/Editing: Senses and icebergs

Hemingway wrote, that the reader will have a feeling of those things as strongly as the writer had stated them, and this is exactly what it’s about: transfering emotion from yourself, as a writer, to the reader sitting somewhere out there in the world reading your book. Continue reading

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The Lion, the warrior and the dandelions

The grass has grown into tuffs and bumps, uneven, reaching half up my shins. The various flowers finally gaining room in this green bed, the bumblebees finding food and hiding spots, navigating between the tuffs, humming happily. Continue reading

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Spring clean for the May queen …

I realize that for a blog about literature I write an awful lot about music. Of course, to me, those two are one and the same, one you see, one you hear, they both end up in the same spot; … Continue reading

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