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We will speak up!

Do you feel better now, having spent the better part of half an hour trying to convince me of your hateful racist opinions being true? Would you feel better if you succeeded? And why the need? Why does it matter … Continue reading

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Skab en karakter/Create a character

Få skabt personlige historier for karaktererne, deres følelser, relationer, liv og psykologi. Denne proces hjælper dig med at få skabt de unikke personer, som er troværdige. Continue reading

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I’m gonna change the world today

Today I want to write about our world. I want to write about how we could all be happy here. I want to write something that will change how we live, something that can make people stop, think and change. … Continue reading

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My rock and starlight

The other day I mentioned one of my favorite writers, the great Richard Bach. In my time, I have come across a few life-changing books; the first one I remember clearly is Narnia, then Mio, min mio, The Never-Ending Story, … Continue reading

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Editing & promises of summer

There’s a touch of summer in the air today. The wind still has it’s bite of winter, the memories of snow on it’s fingertips. The flowers don’t care. They stick with their decision, they’re coming now, stretching their long necks … Continue reading

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Passion. Now there’s a word full of meanings. I like to think I have a lot of passion in me. Passion for literature, passion for music, passion for ideas and concepts that are meaningful to me. When I truly take … Continue reading

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