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As time goes by

Strange phenomenon, time. Lately, it’s been on my mind a lot. My babies are all of a sudden independent, strong-willed, opinionated kids; everything I want them to be, but growing so fast and at the same time, forming a life … Continue reading

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Today it’s actually snowing. You would think that’s normal for winter time, but these last many years, we haven’t had much snow. When I think back to my childhood, it seems in winter it was always snowing. I remember meter … Continue reading

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67 seas i et sommerminde/67 seas in a summer memory

Jeg kan ikke huske årstallet nu. Jeg ved, det har været omkring 1994 eller senere, for jeg var startet i gymnasiet. Jeg kan også huske, at det var sommer, og at jeg havde fået fritidsarbejde på den lokale tankstation. Jeg … Continue reading

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A grain of sesame seed

A very wise man once wrote: “If you have imagination as a grain of sesame seed, all things are possible to you.“ Ever since I read that, I believed it. In fact, the book changed my life, because it changed … Continue reading

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Nobody knows how they affect your life unless you speak up. Nobody knows how you feel unless you tell. Nobody knows what you think when you think they don’t care to know. Nobody knows what you need unless you care … Continue reading

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